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Sasha Yanshin

Sasha Yanshin

Sasha is the founder, writer, editor and chief coffee maker at SashaYanshin.com. He has worked his entire career in banks and financial services companies and wants to help customers understand and manager their money better through this website.

During his career, Sasha has worked with companies such as Barclays, Capital One, MBNA, HSBC, Mastercard, RBS, Tesco Bank and many others.

From starting out in the industry straight out of university to reaching senior management positions some years later, Sasha has designed, built, launched and operated many of the consumer finance available in the UK today.

Across credit cards, loans, current accounts and other banking products, Sasha has done everything from building the systems and processes behind the scenes to developing marketing strategies, developing business cases and everything in-between.

Over time, Sasha has overseen the launch of over 30 different products for different companies, worked on countless others and has had the benefit of learning from the inside how the industry works.

Now that he has started SashaYanshin.com, he wants to turn the tables and help people better understand how these products work, improve their financial management and make the best use of what is available to them in the finance space.

All content on SashaYanshin.com is produced completely independently of any bank or financial services company and not influenced by third party commercial intent. Every single article at this stage is written by Sasha with a complete explanation that doesn't hide anything in the small print.

You can find out more about our editorial process and how we make money on our About us page. If you have any questions or just want to get in touch, drop Sasha a note through the Contact us page and Sasha will get back to you as soon as possible.